Meet Your Doula

Hi, I’m Raelyn!

I’m a critical care nurse turned all-things-pregnancy, birth, and postpartum educator and doula.

My passion is teaching expecting parents how to navigate the healthcare system, and make data driven decisions about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum that align with YOUR values! My GOAL is to teach you the exact steps to have an empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

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​I thought my life was “fullfilled”. I had a great job, which I loved. I travelled to remote places all over the world and have had some absolutely life-changing experiences! I pushed myself physically, even enough to compete Nationally in bodybuilding shows! I had it all and I really couldn’t imagine my life looking any different!

Then COVID hit, and everything changed. My life as I knew it was put on hold… and all of a sudden, I felt this all-encompassing urge to start a family of my own.

I got pregnant fairly quickly, and was SO happy! I actually found out on Mothers Day that we were expecting, which felt super special – like it was meant to be. We decided to share our news with a couple close friends right away – and boy, am I glad we did!

Because of COVID, I had to go into my first ultrasound alone. I remember the butterflies in my stomach while we drove to the appointment. 

Then, my world changed.

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Mid ultrasound, the tech told me that I needed to call my care provider ASAP.. and that something was wrong. She couldn’t tell me what, but did tell me that I needed to be seen *urgently*.. I paged my midwife from the drive home.. She told me that I had an ectopic pregnancy, and referred me to an Early Loss Clinic for “management”..

I went on to have a chemical abortion at home. Well, actually.. two..


I went on to give birth to my perfectly healthy baby boy in a tub, surrounded by love and support.. And the first words out of my mouth were “when can we do this again”

Yes, you read that right!

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I needed to lose my first baby to become the mother, advocate and woman I am today. My loss changed me in ways I am forever grateful for.

I got pregnant, for the second time, rather quickly again. This time, my pregnancy was filled with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. I couldn’t trust that my baby was going to be safe.

This pregnancy challenged me in ways I didn’t imagine were possible. I struggled with hyperemesis throughout the entire 41-weeks. Every ultrasound brought immense anxiety, and was often met with “bad” news. I was told that there were problems with my amniotic fluid, with my placenta, and that my baby had a VSD. My midwife referred me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (actually, a few different ones), and a neonatal cardiologist. One of these doctors even went so far as to say “If I were you, I would throw away your birth plan. I wouldn’t give birth outside of the hospital – it’s not safe”. I was also told that because of the “covid protocols in place” at the hospital, there was a strong chance I would have to give birth alone.

I felt so much fear and anxiety that I swore up and down that I would never have another baby. 

*cue the deep dive into education and self-exploration*

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I learned everything I could about pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I spent hours and hours reading and listening to birth stories.. I sought out a social worker who specialized in perinatal mood disorders and started to work through my fears and anxiety, and learned how to advocate effectively for myself…

I did everything I could to feel *empowered* and stay *in control*.

I gave birth to my son at a Birth Center, in a tub, surrounded by the most supportive team of midwives and my partner. I had the *empowering* birth of my dreams.

​If you’re still reading this, I bet you think there must be a better way too… A way to go through pregnancy, birth and postpartum without fear, anxiety and self doubt. A way to transition into motherhood while growing a deeper connection with yourself.


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My pregnancies and birth lit a fire inside me.

I can’t wait to share this with you, and to help you have your most * EMPOWERED BEGINNING *!

With Love,

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